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At PolisRent we offer the best price for rent a car in Athens. Excellent service, affordable prices, safe and reliable cars.

rent a car athens

For Rent a Car Athens, PolisRent is the most reliable option. Trust PolisRent for your car rental services in Athens.

Athens Car Rental | PolisRent

Take advantage of the privileges we have for rent a car in Athens and get more while pay less.

  • Third Party Insurance (T.P.I.)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)
  • Theft and fire insurance (T.F.P)
  • Glass and mirror insurance
  • 24 hour Road Assistance
  • Unlimited Kilometers
  • Extra Guide
  • Child Seats
  • Road Map
  • No Hidden Charges

Athens Car Hire Athens Airport Venizelos

  • Free Delivery – Pickup
  • Excellent Services
  • Easy, reliable and fast

At PolisRent, in addition to our very competitive rates for Athens Airport Car Rental, we also offer free delivery at Athens Airport, but also immediate queuing and no delay service.

We will wait for you at Exit 4 and deliver the car you have selected in excellent condition. Easy, simple and fast. For rent a car Athens Polis Rent and you are sure.

Rent a Car Athens & PolisRent

PolisRent was chosen as our company name because it perfectly expresses what we love and have been doing for many years now.
Since 2001 we have been renting cars in Greece’s largest city (polis) – Athens.
With reliability, service and price-quality in mind, we have managed to make rent a car Athens & PolisRent almost synonymous.

Rent a car Athens

We have achieved this by paying attention to the details and providing excellent service to all our customers.
At the same time we make sure that we keep all our vehicles in perfect condition, perform thorough checks, offer many benefits.
and of course the best rates for car hire Athens.

Many free amenities with every Car Rental in Athens

Insurance Package

Our car rental rates in Athens include our basic insurance package. This package provides third-party insurance, theft, fire insurance, as well as glazing and mirrors insurance.

Unlimited Kilometers

Our Low Rates for Car Rental in Athens & amp; Attica also includes unlimited kilometers. Drive freely, but always safely and enjoy the beauties of Athens.

Additional driver

At PolisRent we provide many benefits. One of them is the free extra guide. By renting a car from us you get a free additional driver so you earn even more.

24/7 Road Assistance

For us, your peace and safety is our first concern and that is why our car rental rates in Athens include free 24/7 Road Assistance. With us you can be sure.

Road Map

Along with every car hire we provide you with a free and thorough road map for free. If you still prefer GPS you can opt for the extra at a small extra charge.

Delivery – Pickup

Delivery and pick-up of vehicles at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and at our headquarters is completely free. For deliveries – receipts to the rest of Athens there is an extra charge.